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Before My Surgery

To expedite your check-in process, we need to receive your registration form prior to your procedure date. You may elect to pre-register using the forms on this website or you may print a pre-registration form, complete it and fax it to 909-981-9462, attention Pre-registration Department. If not received, the Pre-registration Dept. will be contacting you prior to the date of your procedure.

A Health History Nurse will call you prior to your surgery to collect information about your health to expedite your admission process. If you have not received a call by the day before your scheduled procedure, please call us at 909-981-8755 between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

It is very important you follow the following guidelines in order to prevent delays or cancellation of your procedure:

  1. You are not to eat any foods or drink any liquids after midnight the day before your procedure. Failure to follow this guideline could quite possibly be cause to cancel your procedure,
  2. Do not drink any alcohol for at least 12 hours prior to your arrival.
  3. No smoking after midnight the night before your surgery.
  4. Please do not wear any makeup, nail polish or jewelry (including body jewelry) to the center.
  5. Wear loose casual, comfortable clothing
  6. If you wear contact lenses, please either leave them home or bring a case for their safekeeping.
  7. Please leave all valuables at home.
  8. Notify the center and your surgeon if:
    • You have an elevated temperature, cough, cold, vomiting or diarrhea between your last visit with your surgeon and the day of surgery.
    • You suspect you may be pregnant
    • You are taking diet pills, aspirin, ibuprofen or certain herbal medicines. You may need to stop taking these 1-2 weeks prior to your surgery. You can discuss this with your surgeon.
    • You are taking antibiotics.
    • You are taking any “blood thinners.
  9. You may take heart, blood pressure or respiratory medications the morning of your date of surgery. Do not take any other kinds of medications after midnight unless instructed by the nurse or your surgeon.

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What you need the day of the Surgery:

  1. Bring insurance cards, photo ID, Medicare or Medical Assistance information, numbers and addresses.
  2. You must plan to have someone to drive you home. Do not plan to use taxis or other public transportation.
  3. You must have a friend, relative or caregiver stay with you for the first 12 hours following your discharge.
  4. Children and dependent adults must have a parent or legal guardian in the center at all times.
  5. If the patient cannot read or speak English an interpreter is required. If you need help in arranging for an interpreter, please contact our Scheduling Department prior to the date of surgery.

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