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Day of Surgery

What you need to know for the Day of Surgery:

Please bathe or shower prior to your surgery. Remove all makeup and do not use lotions or oils after bathing.

Bring a list of all of the medications you are taking with dosages. Include both prescription and over the counter drugs.

Be prepared to sign a form giving consent for the procedure. If the patient is under 18 years of age, a parent or legal guardian must sign the form.

Check-in – When you arrive at the center, we ask that you check in at the registration window to verify personal information, your escort and insurance information.

Following admission you will be escorted to the pre-operative area and asked to change into a patient gown and slippers. The nurse will verify your health history, check your temperature, blood pressure and pulse and will ask you to empty your bladder before surgery. A urine specimen may be required.

If required, an anesthesiologist will visit with you and discuss your anesthesia and answer any questions. In most cases the nurse will start an intravenous injection with a fluid drip.

At the appropriate time you will either walk or be transported to the procedure or operating room, escorted by a nurse. During the time of your procedure, any escort or visitor will stay in the lobby until they are permitted to visit you in the recovery area.